Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 Random Things

1. We bought this at the school book fair:

(If I knew how to do a link you could click on the picture and it would take you straight to Amazon so you could purchase this book. However - that obviously way too fancy for this blog! If you know how or if there is a Blogging for Idiots book available just leave me a comment.)

My kids love Skippyjon Jones books. He is a Siamese Cat who imagines himself to be a chihuahua, El Skippito, the great sword fighter. In the first book he saves his doggie friends (the Los Chimichangos) from Alfredo Bumblebeeto, a giant bumblebee who is stealing all their beans - even their coffee beans and that my friends is a travesty!

In this new book, "In the Dog House", El Skippito is called upon to extricate the Bobble-ito from la casa perrito. (A bobbleheaded cat in the attic of the dog house.) The most fun is had by the reader, who gets to switch back and forth between English and Spanish and say things like "Let's get down to serious beez-ness", "Stop eet! You are keel-ing me dudes", and "Muchos poochos, licky-sticky mango." I read to my kids nearly every night and have to say, of all the bazillions of books, Skippyjon Jones, is our all time favorite!

2. And, while we are speaking of dogs... Miss Grace and I had pedicures today. She is going to Mexico next week and I'm not. She'll have pretty sandaled feet on the beach and I'll have two pairs of socks on and snowboots. But I'm not bitter cuz I love her so. The nail polish she chose had the most hilarious name: "My Chihuahua Bites!" Wouldn't you like to have job naming nail polish colors? Obviously anything goes!

3. Blue-Eyed Girl bought this book at the book fair:

It is a book of questions you can ask to get to know your friends better. Questions like: Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or Tea? Do you believe in Big Foot? Who is your oldest friend? (Once again no picture link but there is a website

We have had the most fun with this book. It is a great conversation starter at the dinner table and would be lots of fun at a sleepover or to use as an icebreaker in a group setting.

One question was: Neat Freak or Slob? I said, "Min and I are neat freaks - Buford and Blue-Eyed Girl are slobs." There was a short pause and then Min piped up, "No, mama, I'm with them!" Alas, my heart was broken.

4. And finally, I figured out tonight that I can watch all the Wednesday's with Beth episodes from the James and Betty Robison show online. Just go to Sweet!

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All good people from the South know that it is COKE!! Lullabell