Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let Us Eat Cake...or Not

Yesterday, Buford and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary.

Wait, let me rephrase...

Yesterday, was the 11th Anniversary of our wedding. There was no celebrating to be found - not a kiss, not a card...just my sweet mom calling early to wish us a happy one.

No, we are not fighting - we are sick and vomiting.

Wait, let me rephrase...

Buford has a horrible head cold and caught the kid's stomach flu. He was physically sick and vomiting. He was one miserable dude yesterday. (My tendency, when caring for the sick, is to hover around, wait on them hand and foot, and ask them every 5 minutes, "Are you okay?" Buford's preference is to be left alone - way alone. So I did.)

I was emotionally sick because of a recent turn of events and emotionally vomiting (see previous post) because things are changing and I don't like change. Don't like roller coasters, don't like to not be in control - hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY!

Thus, neither one of us was in any shape to do any celebrating. Maybe next week when Buford's tummy and my craziness have had a chance to calm down.

In the meantime, I am cheering us up with this thought: As long as I keep posting old photos, our interweb friends and those old friends who haven't seen us in awhile will think that I'm still skinny and that Buford still has brown hair...ha, ha, ha!

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lulabell said...

Congratulations! It is hard to believe that my children were 11 and 7 at the time. The youngest is going today with her Father to early vote. My how time flies. Lullabell.