Friday, January 11, 2008

Held (updated 1-14-08)

I was going to blog tonight about my trying to foil (ie: highlight) Grace's hair today but my mom called with a desperate prayer request so I will postpone the hair story til tomorrow.

A family, who lives near my parents in rural Colorado, has a baby boy, Jesse, who underwent open heart surgery yesterday. Things seemed to be fine following the surgery but then something went terribly wrong and now the baby is on complete life support. I'm not sure he will make it without a huge intervention from our miracle working God. This same family lost another child in an accident a few years ago. It makes all of us stop and ask, "God, how could this happen to them again?" Simply unfathomable.

If you read this and are a believer, please pray for this family and baby Jesse. It is hard to find the right words. I am just asking the Lord to pour out bucketfuls of grace and mercy upon them. And I offer this song as a dedication to them tonight...

Update 1-14-08: God has answered the prayers of many and baby Jesse was weaned off life support yesterday. He is doing much better but still has a way to go. You can read more about it here:

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