Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yep - I'm just as sick of it all as you are. Sick of getting the emails warning of conspiracy and terrorism. Sick of the TV ads and biased media reports. This election and all the hoopla, hearsay, and heresy are enough to drive one to pull her own hair out by the handfuls...if that is where we are placing our hope.

I have said to several people in the last couple of weeks that the church in America is not a bride that is ready for her groom and that what might bring unity to the body and revival to our land is persecution...

Check out Shaun's post regarding this very idea.

Ponder, then pray. If you'd like to join me in prayer and fasting on Monday, November 3rd, for the election please leave a comment and I will email you with the details.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Fun

Well since I'm here and on a roll - I'll just do another post.

To make up for the past month of no posting and all...

Last Saturday I was mowing and getting the garden torn out when the neighborhood kids decided to rake up the leaves in our front yard.

Now this might look like your ordinary pile of leaves...

But look who pops out in the next frame:

Next it was Blue's turn to get buried:

Then they all decided it would be great fun for me to take pictures of them with just their faces poking out of the leaves:

Here are Min and Dan.

Here are Blue and Miss S.

Fall is Fun!!!

Oh My - It Has Been Awhile

I'm sure all three of you who read this blog are wondering what in the world has happened to me since my last post of Sept. 20. Well, let me try to catch you up:

1. I took over as treasurer for the PTO of our elementary school. This in itself doesn't seem like all that daunting of a task - however, if you add in the fact that the previous treasurer didn't keep any books, it is daunting, frustrating, time consuming and downright irritating!

2. Our dog, Duncan, of 11+ years had to be put down. The last couple weeks of his life were very sad as he became less and less able to walk and unable to eat. He is buried out on my parent's farm which is a place he loved to run around and sniff things!

3. Now for some of the fun stuff:

Max went to Homecoming. (He is in blue shirt with his date, LB. Max's buddy, "Farmboy" is in the hat with his date, LB's BF)

Min celebrated his 8th birthday last Sunday with a costume party, scavenger hunt, and 8 candles stuck into a Monster Cupcake. Woo hoo! It was great fun and beautiful weather.

And then I had him mummified so he will stay 8 forever - I'm not going to let him get any bigger! Oh no, I'm not!