Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For a Season

Every so often you come across a verse that speaks to exactly what you are going through on that very day. Some people call them "life verses". I think of them more as seasonal verses because, as God continues to work, I need fresh words quite frequently!

So after practically freezing to death on Sunday - I could not get warm for the life of me even with flannel pajamas, fuzzy socks, and a goosedown comforter - I thought this might be my seasonal verse:
1 When King David was old and well advanced in years, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him.

But yesterday, Beth posted an amazing word on her blog titled "Just Dreaming?"
She concluded with this verse...I think I'll claim it as my seasonal verse and just go buy an electric blanket!

Habakkuk 2:3 This vision is for a future time.
It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,
for it will surely take place.

It will not be delayed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Decade of Blue

Blue-Eyed Girl is double digits today...10 years old!
Happy Birthday Sweetie. I Love You So!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Dressed

One might think that because I sew as a profession and have even had my work featured on a major television show (Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman) that I am all about the fashion. That I might read fashion magazines and watch "Project Runway" and be at the cutting edge of all the latest style trends.

Ha! Nothing could really be farther from the truth. In fact, if it wasn't for Grace, I'd be out in public wearing a Christopher & Banks sweater vest with kittens embroidered on it. Frumpy R Us might be my motto.

However, when I saw this dress on the Academy Awards last night I was stunned! Absolutely FABULOUS. If I ever had a reason to attend the Oscars, I would want a dress just like this. I think that's pretty good taste for a frumpy seamstress!

My pick for best dressed:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beyond Excited

Max, Min, Blue-Eyed Girl and I are going to this tonight:

I am so stinkin' excited! Going to the concert is Max and Blue-Eyed Girl's birthday present since they both celebrate in February. It will be Blue-Eyed Girl's first "real" concert. (Not counting county fair concerts.)

My first concert was a gift for my 11th birthday - my mom and I went to see John Denver. The opening act was the Starland Vocal Band. No offense Mom, but I'm really glad my kids won't have to wonder what's "Afternoon Delight"???

I am filled with gratefulness beyond measure that Christian Music is where it is today - that my kids and I can rock out to Jesus songs. Music with a message, music with hope. Everyday in our house, in the car, on our ipods we can fill our minds with truth and faith.

Here a little sampling of what we'll be hearing tonight:

Rock On Jesus Freaks!!

PS: Buford's not going. He didn't think he could quite get his "freak on" to Toby Mac. He's more the "Old Rugged Cross" or "Free Bird" type. Nor does he want to deal with post-concert headache and deafness. We will miss you honey - make sure you talk loud the next couple of days unless you want to hear, "Huh?" even more than you already do!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Because I Do Sew Every Now and Then...

Late last summer, I had the amazing privilege of making a wedding gown and veil for one of the teachers at my kids' school. It was a project with its ups and downs (as most wedding projects are) but I'd like to share some photos of the results...a glorious and happy day for bride and groom!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lulabell - do you see this bag?? It is EMPTY! Every last bit of cornmeally dust has been shaken from this bag. We are now in mourning for there is no cornmeal goodness such as this to be found anywhere in the state of Colorado. If you could find it in your heart to ship some this direction we would be forever in your debt.

Then again, if you don't send us any, we might just send something to you -

namely our children

...for the entire summer.

Be afraid - be very afraid!

All our Luv,

Buford and Me

Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Exclusive Interview with BB Jo

In honor of my sister Jo's 21st birthday, I asked her to do a little bloggy interview. Just to fill us in on where she is at in life in 2008 and to give us something to laugh about 20 years from now. She was very sweet to oblige and answer all my questions especially since she is so busy playing college basketball (she didn't get that from me) and keeping around a 4.0 grade point average (she might of got that from me). We won't make mention of the fact that I threatened to post baby pictures of her if she failed to comply with my request.

Here is the scoop on BB Jo at 21:

Q: So, now that you are turning 21, do you think you will do something crazy like marry a rodeo cowboy?
A: HA!HA! Well, I will probably do something crazy because I am usually crazy, but I think I learned from my big sis about the whole marrying a rodeo cowboy.

Q: I spent my 21st birthday in Weed, CA at a cattle show. How do you plan to spend yours? (Keeping in mind, of course, that you are a collegiate athlete and have numerous nieces and nephews who look up to you.)
A: Well, keeping in mind the last part to the question, haha, I will spend the early morning of my birthday on a bus riding home from Mines for Bball. So, I will be tired and probably sleep in. Then the plans are to go out with a few friends that night to a new restaurant in town called the Venue. It is pretty high class, like $30 a plate. This is high class for a country bumpkin like me. I will leave the rest of the night up to your imagination...just kidding.

Q: If you could have any food on your birthday, what would it be?
A: CRAB LEGS!!!!! The best was when Max and I celebrated our birthdays together at Auntie J's restaurant and she got all those crab legs for us.

Q: If you could go anywhere on Feb. 9 (no limits) , where would you go?
A: Definitely someplace warm! I miss the amazing weather we had in Hawaii, but I would say Jamaica. I have heard from a lot of people that it is a pretty fun place to visit, and I could work on my tan!

Q: What has been the best thing about college at UNK so far?
A: Besides the parties? Just kidding! I have enjoyed being on my own and having some freedom. I would also have to say the relationships I have built with my teammates and some of my close friends.

Q: What has been the worst thing?
A: SCHOOL!! No, for the most part I have enjoyed my classes. The worst part would be the struggles I have had with basketball, but perserverance has paid off and it has really turned out for the better.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: Well, I am planning on never growing up, so I don't ever have to get a job and pay bills and all that "not fun" stuff. Right now I am still trying to figure that out, so if you get any signs from God about what I should do please let me know! ha, ha

Q: What is your dream birthday gift?
A: Well, Beans came pretty close with Scene It? Pirates of the Caribbean. But something I have always wanted is tickets to the NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four! I would have to say that is my dream gift. Oh, and a million dollars.

Now some important biblical advice for the 21 year old from her big sister:
Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians 5:17-19

And, I'm really sorry Jo, but I can't resist. I've been keeping this photo in the top drawer of my desk for nearly 20's just too adorable not to share.

Happy Birthday Baby Foo-Fa-Nu! I Love Ya!

15 Years Ago Today...

Fifteen years ago today, I woke early (around 5 a.m.) with an intense backache. As the grogginess of sleep cleared, I suddenly became cognizant that I was in labor...about to be a mother for the very first time. I spent most of that day - the next 12 hours in fact - bringing this little bundle into the world.

My mother was not with me in the labor/delivery room that day. She was at home with a bunch of 6 year olds celebrating this little stinker's birthday:

Max had decided to come 11 days early and was born on my little sister Jo's birthday. Today they turn 15 and 21...practically grown-ups. Max will be getting his learner's permit tomorrow and Jo is now legal to buy tequila. Let's all take a moment to pray, shall we!

All kidding aside, these are two of my most favorite people in the world. I was happy to forego having any athleticism in my DNA so that Jo could receive it all. And Max, you are my hero in so many ways and you seriously crack me up. I wouldn't trade being your madre for all the Starbucks in the world.

Happy Birthday BB Jo and Cowboy Max! I love both of you February 9th babies to pieces!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Waiting for the Ibuprofen to Kick In!

If you...

1. Are old, but in denial about the true state of your agedness,

2. Are out of shape, but deluded into thinking you are in shape because you can do 20 minutes of Winsor pilates without breaking a sweat,

3. Are in a state of euphoria because the team you were rooting for just beat a cocky, undefeated team in the Super Bowl,

4. Have a lot of work to do the next day that might involve lifting, bending, vacuuming and scrubbing,

Then don't...

Do a whole bunch of sit-ups to show off to your daughter and husband.

Pride goeth before a fall
(and apparently a very sore neck, shoulder and lower back!)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some Good Football!

OMG! That was one of the best Super Bowls ever!

I was feeling a bit down because we hadn't made plans to watch it with anyone. But now I am glad that I got to see every little delicious bit without having to refill the snack tray or make pleasant conversation. I'm sorry, I'm just serious about good football. And that my folks was some good football. When Eli escaped the sack and threw to David Tyree - all I could say was "That Was Awesome!" A play for the history books.

I've never paid much attention to the Giants other than the fact that their quarterback was Peyton's little brother. But with Peyton not playing in The Big Game, baby brother had to take over and take over he did.

As for the Patriots - don't like 'em. They needed cut down a few notches - kind of like the sleeves on Belichick's sweatshirts (what is up with that?)

So kudos to you Giants for a great game - had my heart pounding and I even screamed a few times. Football just how I like it!

Now Buford and I will go into deep depression until hints of pre-season begin in August. Go Vols! and that team from Denver - who are they again?...some kind of horse I think.