Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lulabell - do you see this bag?? It is EMPTY! Every last bit of cornmeally dust has been shaken from this bag. We are now in mourning for there is no cornmeal goodness such as this to be found anywhere in the state of Colorado. If you could find it in your heart to ship some this direction we would be forever in your debt.

Then again, if you don't send us any, we might just send something to you -

namely our children

...for the entire summer.

Be afraid - be very afraid!

All our Luv,

Buford and Me

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lulabell said...

Oh...the things that I take for granted. The beautiful landscape of East Tennessee, the 70 degree weather in the dead of winter and good ole Three River's cornmeal. What would you do without some family in the SOUTH??? Give me a few days and I'm sure me and UPS can fix your dilemma. Love ya, Lullabell