Monday, January 14, 2008

Bloggy Name Remorse


I heard a radio blurb the other day about "baby name remorse". This happens when parents name their baby and then later decide they should have picked a different name. I think it could be just another sign that our society is never satisfied with anything...but that's another soapbox entirely.

I am writing this post because I have "bloggy name remorse" over my precious middle child, Med.

Max and Min's bloggy names are well-suited since one is 3 foot something and the other 6 foot something. Their fake names are also easy to pronounce. But Med?? Yes, it indicates that she is in the middle and she is the medium to their large and small. But how do you say it? Med like "red" or Med like "mead" (chunky beer?). Just too confusing.

Another thing is that, I actually call Max, "Max", outside of this blog. Our phone calls sound like this: "Max!" "Madre!" "How ju do-ink, Max?" "Muy Bien, Madre!"(We are not ethnic but we like to talk to each other in funny accents. That's just how we roll.)

And Min - I usually call him "Minimus" or "Mouse" indicating his babyhood and position as the small one in the family.

Although she has a thousand silly nicknames, I never call my girl child "Med". It just doesn't fit. So we listed out all her nicknames and decided that henceforth she shall no longer be known as "Med" on this blog but as "Blue-eyed Girl". Which is short for "Blue-eyed, Blonde-haired girl who plays with cats and thinks that Kansas is not in the United States..."

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