Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another One (or Two) Bite the Dust...

My poor fam is in the midst of disease central. Min has mostly recovered from his stomach flu trauma but he wasn't quite up to going to school today. Not sure how bad his tummy really hurt or if the thought of drinking Sprite on crushed ice and watching cartoons all day just sounded better than school.

Blue-Eyed Girl began the flu-fest this morning and she is not slowing down. I'm hoping she will be able to sleep through the night but the nausea has been getting the best of her. I alternated between sewing and emptying the barf-bucket all day. (I know that just gets to some of you but it doesn't really bother me if it's my own kid. Someone else's kid - now that's another story!)

Poor Buford came home from work tonight sneezing and sniffing and snorting and dripping. Yikes! He may be kept home tomorrow too.

Me, I have doubled up on vitamins, added some immune boosters, drank lots of water, took a short nap and am hoping like heck to dodge this viral bullet. I am praying for a day with temps above the 30's so I can open all the windows and air out this petri dish that we call home!

(On a happy note: Max won the calf-roping at his rodeo on Sunday! His BB team won their game Friday night and he loves his Spanish class this semester. Muy Bueno, Maximo!)

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