Friday, January 18, 2008

I Kid You Not...Here's Your Sign

The other evening we were discussing history while eating dinner. Now this was a rare occasion (lest you think we are stellar parents who discuss lofty and educational subjects during our nightly family meal) because most dinner conversation has to do with flatulence, burping, and other bodily functions or some veterinary or surgical procedure that is equally gross.

Anyhow, our history conversation led to discussing communication and technology during the civil war. Telegraph machines and morse code were mentioned and Blue-eyed Girl asked Buford if he knew morse code. He said he only knew SOS. Then he explained how SOS was the universal code for distress, kind of like Mayday.

Then he said, "I had to call Mayday once."

Blue-Eyed Girl said, "Really?"

I said, "Yes, when he had to land his airplane in a bean field. Isn't that appropriate?!"

Buford explained how he had to make a forced landing in his Cessna when the engine quit over a soybean field.

Blue-Eyed Girl was in awe...and I kid you not...she looked at him and said, "Did you live??"

We just cracked up and then I added, in true Bill Engvall style,
"Nope, he's been dead all these years, couldn't you smell him? Here's your sign!"

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