Sunday, January 20, 2008

Darn Bugs

I just carried my poor little Minimus from the bathroom floor to the couch. He is "sicker'n a dawg!" We've known that he was fighting something off for the last few days. He's just been tired and pale - not his usual self. I figured something was up when halfway through his Aunt Jo's BB game last night he said he wanted to go home and watch a movie. What? She is tearing up the floor and we are winning!! Are ya crazy?

So we knew there was some evil bug waging war in little Min, we just weren't sure what it was until about 5:00 this morning when he started throwing up. Nothing is staying down and his color is somewhere in the range of Casper (the friendly ghost).

As a Mom, you think about stuff like: what was the last thing your child ate before they got sick? Well, Mother of the Year Award folks, listen up. Last evening Min had a small amount of chicken penne pasta (emphasis on the small), a large chocolate brownie (on the way to the BB game), a bag of Sour Skittles (at the BB game), a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate chip pancakes at Village Inn (post BB game celebratory breakfast). Sugar and Basketball they do seem to go together!

I figure there are two possibilities here: 1. Germs really like sugar and were fruitful and multiplied to the point of winning the war, or 2. They really hate sugar and are getting out of Dodge, ASAP.

Either way, I doubt that it was as sweet coming back up as it was going down. :-(

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lulabell said...

Poor child....I hope he is feeling better. Everyone here is fine except for sinus stuff. We are having our typical weird weather and it just seems to make you sick. Love you all, lullabell