Friday, January 11, 2008

She Has Made Me Blonde!

My dear, sweet Grace decided to conquer her roots yesterday. She is fully licensed and qualified to do so, but, as all of us gals know, there are just some places on your own head that are nearly impossible to reach...let alone weave and foil. So she called upon me for help. I put down my pattern and scissors, donned latex gloves and her cute little beauty shop apron, and set to work. I've watched her foil my hair a zillion times so I kind of, sort of, knew what to do.
I told Grace that just yesterday on Beth Moore's blog she had given her gray-haired friends permission to "color those stankin' thangs!"

As I was trying to weave, Grace asked me if I'd played golf or ridden a horse before. What?
"Yes," I replied.
She said, "You kind of have to be loose and go with the flow..."
In other words, "Stop pulling my hair so dang tight, you are going to make me bald!"

So I tried to loosen up by breaking into song, it sounded something like this:
"She has made me blonde,
She has made me blonde,
I will rejoice for she has made me blon-on-onde!"

Then Grace told me not to worry about making a mistake because she could just put some toner on to correct it.
That made me sing:
"There's Toner in the Blood - wonder working toner in the blood!"

Yes, we are absolutely CRAZY but we love Jesus and isn't it the truth that His wonder working power covers over all our mistakes just like the toner! When the roots of our flesh nature begin showing, we need to make an appointment with Jesus. He can bleach those "stankin' thangs" as white as snow.

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nancygrayce said...

Oh, I love that....I recently decided that I deserved every grey hair on my head and went natural which of course took some time! I found out, I really have very little grey! Who knew??? So I'm back to brunette and loving it. So does my husband. How brave of you to foil someone elses hair! I would be a nervous wreck! :)