Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baby Sister's Got Some Skillz Ya'll

I would like to introduce a new character to this blog-o-rama, my baby sister, Jo. When I say "baby" I don't mean younger sister...I mean BABY cuz she is 20 years younger than me. It just so happens that baby sister inherited all the athletic genes in our family's genetic pool. (I have zero - please reference Buford's comments about my ability to break toes.) Anyway, Jo is in her junior year on a BB scholarship to University of Nebraska at Kearney - yes, she has some skillz! She also is apparently working on a career in film on the side as shown in her You Tube debut:


(Jo is the short haired girl - just in case ya wondered. Her teammate, Hinkley, is the blond who does some "hang time".)

Disclaimer: Do not take a drink of coffee, Coke, or whatever beverage you may be consuming while watching this...it is a sure bet you might spit it all over the screen or laugh so hard that it comes out your nose.

Update 11/4:
Not that I'm braggin' or anything, but here is an email my parents just got from our cousin, Dick, who attended the UNK game against UNL (Lincoln: aka the big, bad girls):

Just a note to let you know that I think Kassi played a GREAT game last night. It was really fun to watch her play. Even though we never got to see her play high school ball, it looked like what I picture made her a top Colorado All State player. (Miram was not able to go because of the commitment she had here at home with an open house for our church ladies).

Not only did she get in a LOT of playing time, but she was invaluable to the team. She was virtually the only guard who could bring the ball down the court without being stopped by the two guards from UNL. Whenever the coach took Kassi out for a rest, it was extremely difficult for Kearney to get the ball down the court unless they put two girls to the task. Kassi could always do it by herself.

Another thing she was great at was seeing who was open under the basket and getting the ball to them with long passes before UNL got set up. She has a really "strong" arm whether she was passing left handed or right handed.

A big thing in her quality of play was that she played extremely aggressively without any fouls last night. :) I would sure want her on my team!

I couldn't stay after the game, but let her know I was really proud of her.

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