Saturday, October 20, 2007

Putting the Garden to Bed

We began winterizing the yard today...pulling out brown vines with mushy tomatoes hanging on, mowing up leaves, rolling up hoses. Another year of yardwork coming to a close. (Note to self...don't leave the big shovels in the garden shed at the back of the yard in case we have 3 feet of snow and can't get to the shovels! We have experienced this problem before.)
Of all the progress I've made in life, overcoming the "Martha" demons, the yard can still sometimes send me into an OCD frenzy. There is so much I'd like to do, so much that is out of my control (ie. weather, weeds, plant diseases, etc.), and not nearly enough hours in my summer, week, day. But today, on this glorious yet breezy fall day, I just enjoyed being out there. I am thankful for this beautiful yard. For trees that have purple leaves on the outer branches and gold ones on the inner...they look like they are glowing with a flame from within. YEAH God for thinking up that tree...even though I haven't the slightest idea what species or variety they are. I am thankful that I had help from Max and Med getting those dead tomatoes out of the vegetable garden, getting the carrots picked and mums trimmed. I am especially glad that Max can work the dreaded weed eater like a pro. (Flippin' sweet weed whacker skillz.) He even managed to put on the rototilling attachment and get the garden soil neat little furrows. His papa would be so proud of this Future Farmer. I am thankful that all that work got finished before the wind started tonight, bringing with it supposed 30 degree temps and snow tomorrow.
Sleep tight, dear garden, I will see you again in spring!

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Hi. Was surfing through some blogs today and came across yours by accident. It was interesting reading. Thanks for letting me lurk!