Saturday, October 20, 2007

Min turns 7

My little Minimus had his 7th birthday Friday. We celebrated with a pizza party for his 1st grade class, a trip with 3 friends to the Corn Maze (Pirates of the Cornibbean), and a Spiderman cake. There were lots of presents, of course, which kept Minimus and his next door friend occupied all day Saturday. Buford was also occupied as he solved every puzzle in Min's new I SPY computer game.
As soon as I can figure out how to put pictures in this blog, I will post some of the birthday festivities. I'm just happy that a few minutes ago I finally figured out how to put up the "File, Edit, View..." toolbar. I'm sure the Microsoft people get a big kick in moving stuff around with each new version so those of us who are well versed in the Jurassic version have to hunt for everything in the new Vista version.
Anyway, I digress. Min is 7...something about 7 leaves "baby" in the dust. I think when they are 6 you can still classify them as babies and get away with it. After all, Kindergarten isn't real school yet, is it? But here we are at 7. 1st grade, eating in the cafeteria, carrying his own tray. Riding his bike to school with his not following behind. Doing homework and reading logs. Not wanting to kiss his mom in front of his friends..."Is there lipstick on my forehead???" he asks in exasperation.
Min, here are some favorite things from your probably don't need them anymore but you might want to remember someday...
Guh-guh: a baby afghan made by Grammy, it's in the top of your closet if you need a snuggle.
Blues Clues: You used to watch Blue and Steve/Joe every morning. Because they're whose clues?
Sippy cups: I was loathe to give these up because of the spill proof factor, but you've outgrown them for sure.
The little rocking chair: This chair was aunt Marla's, and mom's, then yours, and now Connor's. You spent some time in this little chair...and even took a nap there on occasion.
Training wheels: You took the training wheels off your bike a year ago on Mother's day. I won't forgot it since that was the last set of training wheels at my house until grandchildren come along.

Min - you will always be my little squishy, even when I'm 90 and your 60 something.
I love you so...Happy Birthday.

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