Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holy Twinkle Lights Batman!

Today is October 25 - there are 6 more days til Halloween, 28 more days til Thanksgiving, and 61 days til Christmas...yet my town is hanging garland and colored lights on the bridge heading to the main street. Really people, what is the deal??? I've pondered the possibility that perhaps that particular city employee just had nothing else to do today and so he was assigned decking the halls duty. "Hey, Bob, why don't you stop hanging around the office and go put up garland or something." (I don't know if the guy's name was Bob or not but that's Med's favorite name for a male adult person so I used it.)

Here's my beef: The fall colors in this area are so beautiful right now. The temperatures are still warm. The sky is pristine blue and the mountains are snow less and glorious. It is still time for oranges, golds, purples, and reds...for mums and pumpkins and scarecrows. Not holly and bells and tinsel!!! Please let us have our fall...Please don't remind us of the looming holiday insanity. I want to enjoy autumn and Thanksgiving with leaves and pies and cornucopias and pilgrims. Stop this Christmas nonsense already. It completely loses it's specialness when you have the decorations up for 6 stinkin' months! Bah Humbug! That is all...

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