Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why the Barefoot Seamstress?

Grace came up with the name actually because I work (sew) without shoes on. I originally wanted to call the blog "Sew On and Sew Forth" but some other clever person must have already thought that up because blogspot wouldn't let me use it. So I went with Grace's idea of the Barefoot Seamstress and hopefully will not be confused with or accused of copying from the Barefoot Contessa which is one of my favorite shows on Food Network. It's just simply because I sew sans shoes!
Yes, it's dangerous given the fact that I could impale my foot on a stray pin or needle at any given moment but I have my reasons:
Reason #1: I hate to wear shoes when I'm indoors. The minute I come in the door I kick them off. Could be due to the fact that growing up my shoes were usually covered in cow manure.
Reason #2: I can't feel the pedals of my sewing machines very well with shoes on. I am always in danger of accidentally pressing down and stitching through the wrong part of the fabric or my finger. (Which I have done many times.)

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Buford said...

The truely frightening thing here is the Barefoot Seamstress is, should I put this.....less then graceful at times. She has a propensity of kicking things in the dark, i.e. couches, boxes, dogs, door jams, etc. In doing so, she tends to dislocate toes. Yes, her toes. Shoes would prevent this, however, she is over 18 so she can make her own mind on that. But there is nothing like being awakened in the middle of the night because she cut the corned to the rest room to short. I jump, the dog jumps, the dogs down the street jump, the cats run for just turns into pandelerium!