Sunday, October 7, 2007

Grace's Top Ten

My Bff decided that her blog name should be Grace Goodenough. I love it because isn't that the truth...If God's grace ain't good enough then nothin' is. In honor of her birthday month, I decided to list the...

Top Ten Things I love about my BFF, Grace:

10. I love the way she puts clothes, jewelry, colors, and home decor together in ways that I would never think of in a million years...and it always looks funky and marvelous!

9. I love to share a big basket of chips and guacamole with her. I love how she orders quesadillas without the cheese! ;-)

8. I love how the littlest, most unexpected things can totally crack her up. (Shooting butterflies!)

7. I love how she does my hair...and then studies on it for future improvements.

6. I love how people continually ask us if we are sisters when we are out together.

5. I love her generous spirit and how she invited me to be a part of the Green Pear. She might have the only hair salon in the world that has a seamstress in the back room!

4. I love that, in spite of the fact that she drinks diet Dr Pepper and I abhor it, and I drink coffee and she abhors it, we can still be best friends!

3. I love that we didn't meet until we were almost 40. I waited all this time to have a friend so true...and it was absolutely worth it. I'd wait another 40 just to know her!

2. I love how we did Bible Study together before we went shopping or did any other typical girlfriend stuff!

1. I love how God orchestrated our move to this town, put a friend from high school practically in my backyard, how that friend told me where she got her haircut, how I needed a haircut and came to the Pear, how I just happened to mention "Breaking Free" during that haircut and how at that very moment, Grace and I were instantly bonded as sisters in the Lord.

I love you Grace! Happy Belated Birthday. You are the best friend and sista a girl could have.

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Deborah said...

Hey, Grace here. OMG! I'm speechless. You know I never, never hardly turn my computer on. I detest cell phones and computers, yet look at tech today! It's that inner gnaw of His voice that told me to sign on. Now I'm signed up! I love you too, especially the classy, kitty-lovin', turbo mama, country girl with a channeled southern accent from a hill billy starlet in tow personality. And, I don't know the names of my trees either.

You are priceless to me. The inner me.