Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nicole with A Horse!

So I mentioned in my list of "Favorite Things" that I like Nicole C Mullen. I found her music at a crucial time in my spiritual walk and never get tired of it. Old stuff, new stuff, Christmas stuff...I love it all. This past September, at the Women of Faith Conference in Denver, I got to see Beth Moore and Nicole in the same day. I wasn't sure it could ever get any better. Then I saw this little video...Nicole has a horse in this video. Glorious! I can't list horses in my favorite things column because I do not own one...but Max does and I love them. I love to hug their necks and breathe in all that horsey aroma. I know there are going to be horses in heaven - just check out Revelation 19:14. I hope there's a whole stable full of them out behind my mansion. While we wait, enjoy Nicole's video...

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