Saturday, November 3, 2007

Most Likely My Favorite Photo of All Time

A couple of days ago, I was rummaging through some boxes of old photos. Real photos printed out on paper, in little envelopes with strips of negatives included...remember those? Back before the days of digital. Back before a crash of the hard drive could erase the photographic documentaries of my kid's childhoods. (Okay - just a few pictures - not a documentary. Especially given the fact that Halloween passed without me getting a single picture of my kiddos in costume. I'm a pathetic excuse for a mother but that's another post!) Anyway, I came across this picture, and my heart just melted. Max and Med...before Min was even thought of. This was probably in the fall of 1999. As you can tell, I was still in the throes of "Martha-ism" as indicated by the pumpkins arranged in order from biggest to smallest. I totally staged this photo-op and remember snapping several shots very quickly since Med wasn't one to sit still for any length of time. I can't even really put my finger on why I like this picture so much. Could be the cherub like smile on Max's face, the rosy, pinkness of Med's chubby cheeks, or the way her babyfine hair is blowing in the fall breeze. This just typifies fall - the way the leaves are scattered about on the still green grass in the warm Colorado sun. (Although I'm sure I spent the rest of the day raking up those leaves in a fit of yard OCD.) Most likely this photo is my favorite because it is one small success in my many mis-attempts at documenting our life in pictures - and the subject matter is just as yummy as pumpkin pie!

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lulabell said...

Oh where have the years gone. I remember one Halloween when our first born wanted to be a fireman just like his Daddy. He was so cute with his little boots and his face black with soot. This year our 18 year old daughter, also decided to dress up as a fireman.If her Daddy had ever worn an outfit like hers, he would have burned to death with the first spark! Where has the time gone?? Lulabell