Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Goes Out with a Roar

April 2008 will not go down in history as one of the best months of my life. In fact this morning I found myself in Psalm 42 asking: "Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?"
Recounting the major and minor events of the month, I suppose I had reason to be downcast and disturbed:

April 1: I began doing business back at home, no longer in the cute and convenient little room at the Green Pear. This change was a mix of sadness at saying goodbye to spending everyday with my BFF and frustration at trying to make a home with children and pets suitable for wedding gowns and business clients.

April 11: My dear sweet Father-in-law passed away suddenly. We were thrown into a whirlwind of preparation to travel quickly to Tennessee. The pause button on life was pressed for two weeks as we spent time with our family. A strange blend of joy and grief at the same time.

April 24: The drive home was full of sniffling, blowing, & sneezing...we were all at different stages in some sort of head cold!

April 25: We arrived back in Colorado to find all pets and house intact. I rushed to do laundry and unpack because Buford was flying out Monday to West Virginia for training for his new job. (Yes, Buford started a new job in April - it's a good thing but still adding a bit to the stress of life.) We discovered that an underground pipe for our sprinkler system had broken. Brown grass for awhile longer.

April 28: Max didn't have school so I picked him up for a bit of shopping and lunch in a nearby town. While backing out of a parking space I heard a loud scraping sound. Another car was backing out at the same time at a weird angle and neither one of us saw each other. No one at fault, just some paint scraped off the bumpers. Dang it!

April 29: I was in the midst of wedding alterations before we had to go to TN. Today, a sweet woman who ordered a bridesmaid gown 4 months ago and then found out she was expecting, came for her fitting. Big baby bump! We were about 4 inches from the zipper closing with seam allowances of only 1/4"! Yikes, what to do????

April 30: Using the matching shawl that came with the bridesmaid gown, I made a gusset for the back of the dress and reinserted the zipper...then prayed...because the wedding is Saturday and if this didn't work, it was going to take hours to re-do it.
Shortly before midnight, I managed to pull a three-drawered Rubbermaid container off the top shelf of the closet down onto my head! The drawers were filled with spools of thread that I had carefully arranged and color-coded. Not only did I have a bump on my head but thread went everywhere, unrolling as it fell. I wanted to cry but I knew crying would do no good - I put away the thread and went to bed.

Which brings us back to this morning, May 1 and Psalm 42. I think the Lord knew I'd about had enough because, in the newness of His mercies, this is today so far:
1. It is snowing - clean and wet - starting a new month afresh.
2. The bride and pregnant bridesmaid came for their final fitting. Praise you Jesus - both dresses zipped up and fit perfectly!
3. After dropping the kids at school this song came on the radio and it lifted my spirits high. After all - that stuff in April - it was only the world.

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