Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Fine Line

When I was in college, I scheduled an appointment with a photographer to have a portrait made. I had in mind something classic and elegant, not unlike the senior portraits that were taken in the 1960's, with a pearl necklace and a little bit of shoulder showing:

I intended on it being very Audrey Hepburn but was in for a surprise when I looked at the finished photos and saw this:

At that point in life, I was too nonconfrontational to tell the photographer that what I had in mind was "vintage" and not "vixen" so I just paid for the pictures and left.

I believe that there is a fine line between art and trash - often a blurry and subjective line. It's definitely a line that Hollywood continually pushes to the limit. I think today Miss Miley Cyrus finds herself right smack dab on that line and she is feeling the heat. So in her defense, I would say to her, "Even us God-loving girls with good intentions can become subject to someone else's view of art."

What I would like to say to her parents is: "Expecting Vanity Fair to not push the boundaries of propriety is like expecting McDonald's to care about your child's obesity. It's all about the money. Get a clue people!"

There comes a point when photographic art becomes less like Anne Geddes:

And more like Hugh Heffner:

As Christians and as parents, let's be careful to not let anyone, even an "artist", lead our girls across that line.

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mom said...

I couldn't agree more! However, I have never seen this "vixen" photo of my beautiful before. Sometimes moms are the last to know! Mylie definetly needs some rules to follow, even if she is famous or she may be in rehab before 20. Glad you're home and blogging again.