Sunday, March 9, 2008

Can Blogs Grow Mold?

I am definitely not in my "happy blogging space" this week and well...I got nothin'. Nothing profound to say. Nothing funny to say. Just a whole bunch of random thoughts and not the "want-to" to try and organize them. So, while I take a little blogging hiatus, I thought I'd feature some work by my marvelous children.

I keep folders of their schoolwork throughout the year. At the end of the year the folder goes in the appropriate child's plastic tub that is their memoirs. I envision, that as each child leaves the nest, I will haul a Rubbermaid bin filled with construction paper collages, random photographs, and popsicle stick artwork out to their car and say, "Here you go honey, your a box." Because, I believe that I have mentioned, I don't scrapbook. I do, however, fantasize that someday my dear friend, Marci, or my mother (both who scrapbook phenomenally well) will take pity on me and make something beautiful of my bins o'stuff.

So, I'll be going through the folders this week in hopes of posting something that will prevent mold from growing on my blog. Be watching for works of literary brilliance by Min, Max and Blue-Eyed Girl - the best things since penicillin!

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Buford said...


The Barefoot Seamstress has sworn off Starbucks.......again.

Please, someone bring her a Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos!!!!!