Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You might be a Seamstress...

Last night Buford and I were watching a show that featured the funniest commercials aired during the Olympics. In between commercials we were discussing a certain convention that is taking place in a certain city very near our town. (Buford actually took this week off of work so he could avoid it - he is a very discerning man!)

Anyway, I had to stop and interrupt our deep political conversation to comment on the host's dress on the TV:

"I'm sorry to interrupt you honey, but do you see that dress? It looks like someone cut holes in a white pillowcase and stuck it over her torso - and too small of holes at that, because do you see those puckers around her armpits - that means the armholes are too small. And it looks like someone shaved down a black poodle and then glued the trimmings to her collar. I bet they paid over $500 bucks for that dress! That's horrible!"

Never mind about the potentially disastrous presidential election, poorly fitting clothes on television hosts should truly be on some one's agenda!

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