Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Pesky Little Brother

Other than Buford and me, I'm not sure two people could be more opposite than my little brother and I were growing up. (Maybe God was preparing me?)

He liked to be outside, preferably on a tractor or taking one apart and reassembling it.
I preferred to be inside, reading a book or sewing something.

He liked the egg white.
I liked the egg yolk. (Nice for Mom, she only had to cook one egg!)

He liked playing farm.
I liked playing Barbies. (Sometimes my Barbies would live on the farm - you learn to compromise.)

He liked Dr. Pepper.
I detested the stuff and preferred Pepsi. (still do)

He was always making me "late" to school (ie: getting there a minute before the bell rang.)
I always tried to be early to school so I could socialize (usually with a boy.)

He liked to procrastinate and mess around before getting our chores done.
I liked to get our chores done first and then play.

He liked Chocolate Ice Cream.
I liked Vanilla Ice Cream...or any flavor other than chocolate.

His bedroom was in the basement.
Mine was upstairs.
(Until baby sister & the fire came along - now neither one of us has a bedroom at Mom & Dad's.)

These days, we have a few more things in common...we're both parents of teenagers and we both love Jesus. (Think those two need to go hand in hand - help us Lord!) We agree that Qdoba rocks and that ColdStone is the best ice cream on the planet.


You are officially old - join the club!

Happy Birthday, pesky little brother!

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