Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, obviously the blogging time is going to be a bit on the short side this summer. I've been lucky to get in one post per week! So here's a little recap of what has been going on with us:

SUMMER - The season that brings a mix of yard work, gardening, dog shedding, wedding gowns, kids bored, kids hungry, and rodeos.

MIN - is playing coach-pitched baseball and is pretty proud of his "arm". He can throw pretty far and accurately for a skinny child who is made up of knees and elbows!

BLUE - had her end of the year dance recital last weekend. She did great, awesome, amazing... She will be starting a dance intensive in a couple of weeks (9 hours per week) - she is very excited! I taught her how to iron Buford's shirts yesterday - told her I'd pay her $.50/shirt. So far she has earned $1.00. Perhaps a trip to Famous Footwear would motivate her to iron like the wind!

MAX - has a job painting fence and hoeing weeds. YES! The stuff every teen summer should be made of. We are heading out tomorrow for Colorado High School Rodeo Finals in the lovely city of Lamar. Should be fun and probably hot!

BUFORD - is trying to get his new job all figured out and many days has to put on the firefighter hat to settle all sorts of emergencies and drama.

GRANDMA's - My grandmas have given me much to think about lately. Grandma J broke her hip a couple weeks ago and we came close to losing her from some internal bleeding. She has Alzheimer's and was very confused about where she was and what had happened to her. But she recognized all the family members who came to visit her.
Grandma R just had a big shindig to celebrate her 90th birthday. I told my cousin, "There are a lot of old people here, but grandma isn't one of them!"
The aging process is so fickle - why do some age poorly and others, like my Grandma R, age gracefully? I've been racking my brain to find the secret ingredient to aging well. Nutrition, genetics, environment, prayer??? Both grandmas lived clean, healthy, hardworking lives so what is the deal?? In the great genetic pool of probability I am faced with both extremes and it is bothersome to me.

ME - when I'm not dealing with everything in the categories above, I've been trying to do a little reading: Do Hard Things, The Shack, and No Other Gods. Hopefully when I finish them I can do a little book review post. While I sew I've been listening to John Piper...amazing guy. Really challenges me to think about complacency in the church. I think one of his books will be next on my list.

There's a little taste of our summer so far...no guarantee when I will post next and it is definitely time for some photos...I'll work on that!

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