Thursday, June 5, 2008

Soothing Trauma

This afternoon, Blue was eating some Bing Cherries when she accidentally bit into a pit and one of her molars fell out. We looked at a dental chart on the internet and called the dentist, unable to decide whether or not this was a tooth that should have fallen out. The dentist suggested that we come in so he could check it out. Many tears, many questions about numbing and shots, and an hour and a half later, an x-ray showed that the lost tooth was a baby one and a new one was on it's way up.

Oh the trauma! When they were babies it was easy to fix their boo-boos with a kiss and they were unaware of what a doctor might do, so there was little worrying and fretting about potential needles and pain. You could console them with some warm milk and a blankie. Today, I chose to console with Cold Stone. (ie: the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience.)

It was pure ice creamy goodness - like none other on the planet. Complete with a mohawk wearing, ice cream tossing, spoon juggling, tip singing server. YUM!

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