Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At Work Today

I should be working or showering or cleaning or something but I am sitting here reading blogs. I supposed this is one of the hazards of working from one to chat with around the water cooler. So I have to daily check in with all my fake cyber-friends who I have never met but who I know that I would have a kickin' good time with if I ever did.

Today, Lysa at Proverbs 31, puts in a good word for Chick-Fil-A. I think it is a good word for any Christian in the business world. Are we going the extra mile to serve our customers? To give them a bright spot in their day? To listen if needed? To have integrity in our dealings? Are they a person to us or just a means of getting that paycheck?

Lysa says, "Our tasks should be a means to an end- not the end itself. Whatever we are doing, we should have spiritual eyes that are wide open realizing not one person who crosses our path is there by happen chance."

Definitely something to think about at work today...which means I'd better get to it!

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