Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Barefoot Cake Wrecks"

The other day I came across this hilarious blog called "Cake Wrecks". Self-described as "When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong". Oh, my word, this site could be my new is so stinkin' funny and some of the cakes are so very wrong.

Take this one for example:

Or maybe these seasonal favorites:

Do you suppose someone has created a snufflupagus/reindeer cross? Now those are some crazy genetics!

In the spirit of what would Jesus do, I decided I shouldn't throw cakey-stones or try to get the "cake log" out of my brother's eye without first taking a look at the splinter in mine.

Therefore I bring you: (drumroll) "Barefoot Cake Wrecks"

Now this was Max's birthday cake one year. It is supposed to be a surfboard but now that I look at it, I'm seeing a patriotic squid. See the blue "waves" that Max colored on the cake board? Maybe that was so you'd know it belonged in the water and not Cape Canaveral. Remember, however, I am not a professional cake decorator...just a mom who occasionally plays one on TV.

Okay...moving on...

This lovely creation - sporting a "ghetto shoe" - was for Blue's 5th birthday. I copied the shoe design from her invitations...was supposed to be pink leopard skin. Why is it still in the pan you ask? Easier to carry to the roller skating rink that way - plus mama is busy and it's much faster if you don't decorate the sides!

This little number was for a "picnic" themed birthday. It is supposed to be a checkered picnic tablecloth, complete with ants. It looks more like argyle gone buggy...

And now for the Grand Finale I bring you the "CCC". On the official "Cake Wrecks" blog, the "CCC" stands for Cupcake Cake and man do they ever get some heat.

Here are the "Barefoot Cake Wreck" versions: This one isn't too bad. I think you can tell it is a football sitting on the field at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN. You can tell that right???

Ummm, this is what you call "Mom using the computer to generate pieces of Spongebob that she can slap on some frosted cupcakes...because she also has to make crabby patties and keep 10 little 1st graders entertained."

However, please remember, I am not a professional...but the person who made this was:

Thanks for joining me in "caking" fun of myself today! Love ya'll!

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