Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Cookie Nemesis

There are certain foods - I'm sure for all of us - that fall under the category of "you can't eat just one". Or more likely, "you can't eat just 20".

Take buttered, salted popcorn for instance. Once my hand starts scooping that crispy goodness from bowl to mouth, there is no stopping until the bowl is empty...except for an occasional sip of Pepsi. Popcorn is one of my "consume all you can in one sitting" foods. Qdoba's chips and queso dip also fall under this category.

Then, there are foods that I will nibble on all day long. These are treats that are easily accessible in my kitchen that I can grab a bite of every time I pass by. M&M's, brownies, and cherry pie fall into the genre of tempters who bid me to taste a tiny little piece whenever I come within a 10 ft. radius.

However, there is something currently sitting on my counter that could fall within both categories. My heavens, I can't stop myself, I want them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Apricot Bars!

I got the recipe here at The Pioneer Woman. They are reminiscent of a cookie I made in 4-H while in search of a "healthy snack" to enter in the county fair. I don't believe these buttery, crumbly, delectable bars are the least bit healthy, but they do have some oats in them to clean the butter out of your arteries.

Try them, I guarantee you can't eat just one...

or fifty.

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