Monday, July 21, 2008


Delusions. Does anyone else suffer from those?
Going on mountain hikes, having dinner on the patio, taking walks with my kids, teaching my youngest multiplication, recovering seats on outdoor chairs, writing insightful and witty blog posts...these are some of my summer delusions. Things I believe I will have plenty of time to accomplish during long, warm days...things I dream about in May and then wonder about in September.
It is now the 21st of July. And while I haven't accomplished anything off of my list of delusions, the summer hasn't been a complete loss. My zucchini plants are producing well and some baby cantaloupes are on the vine. My kids are loving their summer sporting/dance activities and we have begun a redesign on Blue's room.
School will be starting in less than one month...I can already smell the bouquets of sharpened pencils (line from my favorite movie - can you guess which one?). It is time for a whole new set of delusions to how much work I can cram into the 6+ hours that the kids are at school and still have homemade cookies waiting for them when they return.
One can always dream...

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