Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dominican Republic

Some of my favorite bloggers are headed to the Dominican Republic and it's not for a vacation:

November 2–7, 2008 Compassion International will take a group of bloggers to see their ministry to over 40,000 children in the Dominican Republic. Known for its resort-speckled beaches, there’s another side to this Caribbean nation unknown to most vacationers. Our bloggers will visit a city dump where families scavenge for food and clothing. They’ll tour a neighborhood where drugs are trafficked and children live beside open sewers. And bloggers will also see firsthand how Compassion International and child sponsors are bringing hope to children living in these places by releasing them from poverty in Jesus’ name.

I would like to challenge my friends and family to take a look at a couple of these blogs over the next week and see the world through another's eyes...a part of the world that is so easy to ignore. In a week where everyone's focus is going to be on the election - may I ask you to focus for just a moment on the lives of children who get their food from a garbage dump - it will put life in America into perspective for all of us. Just click on the widget in my sidebar that says Domincan Republic. That will link you to the Compassion web page for this trip and then you can click on the individual bloggers to read their stories.

I would love if you'd leave a comment here about what you've read. Thank you!

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